National Commander Commentary

Lynn Helms Prosser, Auxiliary National Commander

A season of gratitude

Every year, we look forward to the peaceful stretch that starts with the solemn observation of Veterans Day and continues with the heartwarming embrace of the holidays. By the time these special weeks conclude with our entry into a new year, we’ve hopefully found the time and mental space to prepare for what 2022 will bring.

That’s the theory anyway. How many of us actually have the time to find that peace and warmth amid the obligations and demands of the holidays? While it may be difficult, I challenge you to invest the time and energy in truly reflecting on our many blessings. By recognizing the gifts we’ve received, we can use them to make 2022 a banner year for the men, women and families we serve.

To find peace within the maelstrom, I recommend starting a practice of gratitude. As we strive to reflect on our mission and reenergize our focus on making a difference in the lives of disabled veterans and their families, gratitude can be the thread that ties it all together, and a powerful resource.

Or, as Doris Day put it, “Gratitude is riches.” And during the holiday season, who couldn’t use some more riches?

As men and women bound together to support DAV and its ongoing work on behalf of those who have served, we must have gratitude for one another. It’s the glue that holds our team together through these trying times. Just a year ago, we all shared a sense of relief as 2020 receded into the rearview, but 2021 turned out to be no docile lamb. We thrived and survived by leaning on each other.

We must also cultivate and grow our gratitude for the veterans whose sacrifices have provided us with a purpose as members of the DAV Auxiliary. Without their selfless courage and dedication to protecting our nation, we wouldn’t be blessed with this common mission.

And, of course, we must never forget to hold deep gratitude for the thousands of men, women and companies who give freely of their time and resources so that our mission can continue. Volunteers and donors are special and should be cherished.

There are as many reasons to be grateful as there are challenges we will face. I hope each of you finds a reason for gratitude during these special weeks and enters the new year renewed with hope and purpose.

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