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National Commander Commentary

National Commander Commentary

Darlene Spence, Auxiliary National Commander

Recommit to our cause

I want to wish everyone a warm holiday season full of friends, family and hope. My prayer is for every DAV and Auxiliary member to find joy this season.

When you elected me to serve as your national commander, I made it my mission to commit all the way to serving veterans and their families. I ask that you think about the commitments you make and what you can give during this season and year-round. Our work with DAV to serve wounded, ill and injured veterans and their families requires that strong commitment and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Our organization’s members have already given so much. I have seen you volunteering at VA hospitals; assisting at bedsides; and serving in the sometimes overlooked areas, including the chapel and information desks. You have crisscrossed this great country of ours as volunteer drivers for the Transportation Network, taking our heroes to their medical appointments.

We excel at giving, but we need more people to make their own commitments to serve our nation’s veterans and their families. We must endeavor to involve our own families and friends to join this just cause.

Growing our services starts with increasing our ranks. Some units across the country have found success increasing membership by setting up tables outside grocery stores. Other units have found new members by hosting cookouts and picnics. Making extra efforts to recruit family members has also worked for some units.

If you are a Transportation Network driver, make sure you introduce yourself to a veteran’s family members and show them what the Auxiliary is all about. Don’t forget to sign up junior members from families you know so they can take our message of assisting veterans into their schools.

Tell them about the opportunities for children of wounded, ill and fallen military families to attend Camp Corral, a free weeklong camp offered at 17 different locations this year in partnership with DAV.

The needs of today’s veterans and their families are indeed urgent. These brave men and women bear a heavy burden. And we are here to help them and their families.

We must also improve and be willing to change to reach as many veterans and their families as possible. I ask you to continue serving in the ways that you are and re-up your commitment. Take a moment to reflect upon whether you can find it in your heart to give in new ways, because it is that sort of commitment that allows DAV and the Auxiliary to truly make a difference in the lives of our nation’s veterans and their families.