DAV Auxiliary units or state departments desiring to engage in fundraising projects involving, directly or indirectly, contracts of any nature shall be required to obtain prior approval from their DAV state department and the DAV national executive committee. If a contract is involved with any fundraiser, prior to signing, the DAV state department will submit a copy to DAV National Headquarters for review and approval of the DAV National
Executive Committee.


Units may conduct fundraisers with appropriate written approval as follows:

  • Unit fundraisers must be first discussed and approved by membership majority at a regular business meeting.
  • Written request is then submitted to the parent chapter for approval. (In cases where there is no parent chapter, units submit the written request to the DAV state department).
  • Upon chapter approval, said chapter must submit the approved unit fund raising request to the respective DAV state department. (Units may forward the fund raising request to the DAV state department.)
  • The DAV Department Executive Committee (DEC) shall then determine if approval is warranted and will notify the unit.

If a Unit fund raiser is among personal contact of members and their friends only, and they anticipate receiving less than $5,000, only the parent chapter needs to approve. Keep in mind that any fund raising project which involves the general public requires chapter and DAV department approval.

Units wishing to conduct Forget-Me-Not drives only require the approval of their parent chapter. Ref. DAV National Bylaws, Article 15, Section 15.3, Para.5.

Under no circumstances may fund raising solicitations be sent by mail, email, or posted on internet/social media, nor in any way which gains access to support outside of their geographic boundaries. Exception: If the unit mails a newsletter to their Auxiliary members, a fund raiser solicitation may be included in the body of that newsletter provided that the fund raiser:

  • is to benefit a specific project
  • has been properly approved by the parent chapter and DAV state department

Note: The Auxiliary logo or seal may be used on fund raising projects provided that appropriate fund raising approval has been received.


State department fundraisers require approval of the DAV Auxiliary state executive committee. A written request must then be submitted to the DAV State Department for consideration by the DAV Department Executive Committee (DEC). Written notice is then provided to the Auxiliary State Department.


  • The Auxiliary logo or seal may be used on fund raising projects provided appropriate fund raising approval has been received.
  • Approval is not required for logo/seal usage on stationery items, business cards, name badges, hats, shirts, etc., and other items that promote the name and positive mission of the organization.
  • Items bearing the DAV Auxiliary seal or logo may be sold to other members of the organization at cost, but may not be used to generate revenue.


Fund Raising FAQ’s

Q. Can my unit solicit funds using social media and other internet means?
A. No. Fundraisers must be confined to the chartered territory of the unit. By virtue of use of the internet and/or social media, the Unit would be generating income from well beyond its chartered territory.
Q. Can my unit advertise our fund raising event on social media and in our community paper?
A. Certainly. You may advertise the event on social media and in the local community paper as an invitation to attend. However, you may not directly ask for donations or provide an address to where donations may be sent.
Q. Our unit wants to conduct a Forget-Me-not Fundraiser to be held over two weekends in locations covering the northern part of our state. Is this acceptable?
A. An Auxiliary unit, with its chapter’s prior consent, may conduct one Forget-Me-Not Drive annually. The drive may not infringe on the territory of another DAV chapter or Auxiliary unit. Also, the event shall not exceed a total of seven days (not required to be consecutive days). Always notify the DAV state department of the Forget-Me-Not drive.


Revision date. 6/2017